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Bison Army token – 5,000,000 pcs


5,000,000 pcs bison army tokens

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Please Read carefully:

The only official website of bison army is : Https://bison.army

Make sure you are buying the tokens from Https://bison.army

The only official Twitter address of bison army is : Https://twitter.com/bison_army

PRE SALE WILL BE FROM 12NOV to 25NOV , all unsold tokens will be BURNED


*we don’t have any other social media account for now*

We are not listed on any official or unofficial exchanges yet and BEFORE PRE-SALE FINISHS we WILL NOT LIST the token for TRADE


Minimum order for joining Bison army token is 5,000,000 bison army ,which is equal 100 usd ( $ 0,00002 each )

Maximum order is 500,000,000 which is equal 10,000 usd . ( 100x 5M )

Only 20% OF total 100,000,000,000 tokens will be presale.

Payment for purchasing Bison army token will be RIPPLE. Also for receiving  BISON ARMY TOKEN we need your XRP RIPPLE ADDRESS , PLEASE MENTION IT WHILE YOU ORDER IT ON ORDER NOTE !


You should install XUMM and Deposit XRP + ADD TRUST LINE so we can transfer your purchased tokens.

Our official trust line for xumm is : https://xumm.community/?issuer=rKewBkTsHrjWiDTnsrAB2kjTg9bkCTMMyc&currency=BisonArmy&limit=100000000000

The only official xumm wallet websites are : https://xumm.community/ and you can download xumm from here: https://xumm.app/

we are KYC Verified and trustable in xumm,btw bison army tokens will be used in 3 Bison Software  (bison wallet,dex,social media)

All the purchased tokens will be transferred after the presale finished ,if we don’t reach FULL AMOUNT of presale we will burn all unsold tokens !

Tokenomic :

RoadMap :


Read the white paper too and if you faced any other question please read FAQ section before contacting US ! Thanks


Watch our official video:


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