Who We Are

The Bison consists of a team of seventeen people, all of whom work for well-known companies.
Bison was created to help xrp,xrdoge and bison army token holders 
We have big goals in mind !
Bison army made on XRPL

Our Story

Many years have passed since the invention of XRP

And the most difficult experiences are related to the holders of this token!

We are looking to pave a new path for XRP owners
Those who are true lovers of technology and blockchain


The History

The idea of creating Bison came to our minds after the situation was unbearable and a large number of aimless tokens were created by others, and we are serious enough to build all of Bison softwares based on XRPL & Bison army token!

With your help and the whole xrp army
We will be able to regain our true place in cryptocurrency


James Bison  !


Our Mission

Bison will have three key software and our main mission will be to complete these three software

Most of the money raised from pre-sale tokens will be spent on developing Bison software and increasing liquidity of dex exchanges

Quality and security based on the blockchain is Bison’s main strength in this regard


We are hiring

We are always looking to hire smart people
Get in touch with us !

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