BISON ARMY created by a team of seventeen people, most of whom are working on ideas in large companies.

we created bison army by XRPL because we believe xrp and ripple are the game changers for the next generation blockchains.

Although Bison has big goals
The simplest reasons for Bison’s superiority are the following three principles


Fast transactions

Low cost


Secure coding

Why Choose ‌Bison army?

Replace aimless and no use case tokens bison army have a great road map which you can view here

Full-on Control DEX Based XRPL

One of Bison’s most popular products will be Bison Decentralized Exchange

Easy Setup

Download the Mobile App to be up and running in minutes.

Security Controls

Your security will be our top priority

Guest Access

No need to signup or bypass kyc,you can connect to your wallet easily

Control from Anywhere

While getting STAKING rewards by holding BISON ARMY ,XRDOGE,XRP you can manage your funds from any where!

Unlock your investment potential.

We invite you to see our promotional video about bison – army

Bison army have great goals !

Bison army working on 3 special softwares which will work on all ios , android , and desktop versions (Win/Linux) 

Bison wallet, Bison social network and marketplace for nft + a worldwide shop !

Most of tokens will be airdropped !

From 100,000,000,000 Tokens 55% will be airdropped to pre-sale buyers of bison army token,  Xrdoge holders, and xrp holders. for snapshot date and learning more please read lite paper and FAQ

We are here to stay and go upper than you think!

From what doge did with btc , shiba did with eth we learned we can do better with Bison army and XRP !

You gonna surprised about bison army power in couple of months !

We are here to take back our position after years of waiting on XRP!

Token info



Total SupplyTotal Supply




AirDrop timesAirDrop times

1&28Dec 2021 + 28 JAN 2022

Who can get airdrop?Who can get airdrop?

Bison,XRP,XRDoge Holders

Initial marketcapInitial marketcap


initial price per tokeninitial price per token


Where to buy pre-saleWhere to buy pre-sale

just from website

Tokenic infoTokenic info

Please read 

Softwares based bison-armySoftwares based bison-army

DEX exchange ,nft market place, and social network

Run timeRun time

After pre-sale finished (25Nov)

Road mapRoad map

Please read